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HIFU - Hyperconnected Inflight Unit

Monitor aircrafts’ performance, reduce accident/incident risks
and optimize your cost structure

Real time tracking and monitoring

Single aircraft or entire fleet

Alert system

Set up your thresholds

Air-Ground-Air communication

Text message to single aircraft or broadcast to entire fleet

AI / ML analytics

Leverage data to manage your business


Hyperconnected InFlight Unit (HIFU) is a device that exploits the use of AHRS/IMU systems to monitor and record in real time the orientation of the aircraft in three-dimensional space and the acceleration forces. The collected flight data generate real time alerts and feed ML algorithms to provide proactive and predictive indicators.

Hyperconnected Inflight Unit (HIFU)

  • Real time recording and transmission of telemetric & GPS data
  • Flight and entire fleet real time tracking
  • Ground-air-ground communication
  • Alert system
  • Database analytics
  • EASA compliant

Visualization Tool

  • Windows based program for real time flight data viewing, including position on the map, a digital cockpit, a control panel and the box for air-ground-air text message exchange.
  • The same program allows to REPLAY a flight, selected from time interval.
  • Mobile app for text message exchange
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The device respects EASA requirements and considering the weight and the full independency from any part of the aircraft it can be installed following CS-STAN directive

Currently the device has a 4G/LTE connectivity; we are currently working to implement the satellite one as well. When the connectivity is not availabe the device register and store the data that are transmitted as soon as the coverage is back.

The device can be installed by any CAO/145 organization

Registered Office

Via Gianluigi Bonelli 40,

00127 Roma (RM)


P.IVA IT15541901003

Operational Office

Aeroporto Parchi dell’Aquila

Via Carlo D’Angiò 23

67100 L’Aquila (AQ)


+39 0862 583524

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